Geogebra is such a necessary tool for students especially in Geometry.

Submitted 9 years ago
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I use geogebra in geometry to explore pretty much every concept. I love that its more user friendly and now available via ipad. I also love that it's in the chrome app store. In the past, it was a bit more clunky but the new version is so user friendly that kids can dig right in and learn. As a free dynamic geometry tool, it has totally impacted my classroom as it made geometry more than just images on a worksheet but applications that students could play with.

How I Use It

In the beginning, the geogebra worksheet served as the connector between postulates & theorems and their meanings. Students investigated midpoint quadrilaterals but creating them and the tools within geogebra enabled them to precisely classify without hesitation. The best learning though comes through student created applets that can then be shared to geogebratube or embedded within certain websites and blogs. The key is to keep it student centered and not just teacher centered in terms of use.