Wonderful tool for older students

Submitted 9 years ago
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My Take

This app is amazing, allowing students to become composers who experiment with different instrument sounds, rhythms, loops, and so much more. I have the Complete Set in-app purchase, but even without it it would be a great tool for most music classrooms. My students are K-8 and I have used it from 3rd grade and up. The instruments sounds are very clear, although the voice track isn't as great.

How I Use It

Its interface is simple enough to teach about songwriting basics, and once students are comfortable with using it and learning more about theory, I have had 8th graders actually create a song track in small groups with moderate teacher help. They absolutely love it, and have indicated that they don't feel like they're learning or working hard, which of course they are! I've also had students use it as a recording studio to record their own performances. I can't recommend this app enough.