Formative - Make Interactive Assessments and Slide Feedback to Students Easily

Submitted 7 years ago
Cathie G.
Cathie G.
Dorseyville Middle School
Pittsburgh PA, US
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Formative is not a game show. If your students have been caught up with fast moving formative assessments, then this is going to be a bit of let down. However, this tool allows students to give longer responses and the ability to think through or explain their thinking. I highly recommend Formative for preassessments and longer worksheets. This application allows teachers to plan for the bigger picture of instruction. As a teacher, I like the ability to see live on my screen how my students are working and thinking concepts through.

How I Use It

Formative goes beyond a typical response system that can only offer a four to five choice selection. This application allows teachers to upload their already made PDF's or Word documents and manipulate the areas for students to respond. Teachers can also build directly in the teacher dashboard section. The set-up takes a few tries, and I would highly recommend watching some tutorials before starting. Students do not need accounts but the set-up for student accounts is very simple, and I highly recommend it especially if you are going to be using Formative throughout the school year. Students can also type and draw in various text boxes. Formative is an ideal tool for math problems or grammar exercises. I have used Formative for preassessments in my class and have been very successful. The teacher dashboard shows student work instantly, and I can give feedback to students quickly with the slide of my finger or mouse. The company is very responsive, and it is clear that this product was created by a teacher. Formative has been very responsive to feedback and wants teachers to have a product that is useful and easy to set-up.

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