Great to use for Math!

Submitted 2 years ago
Sarah N.
Sarah N.
Dartmouth Middle School
San Jose CA, US
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My Take

I think Formative is a useful teaching tool and has the potential to do more. The free version allows for a lot of variability in questions and problems, but has its limitations. It would be nice to have the mathematical input available for the free version. It's useful to have the premium paid version so you are able to combine a the whiteboard and answer box into one question, without the paid version you need to make them a separate question, which can make it confusing for some students, but can still work if you are unable to pay the price. I've been using the Free version and it has been okay so far, but definitely an extra step for the students and, like I said, is confusing for some of the students.

How I Use It

The students enjoy using formative for our practice problems in math! They are able to show their work using the drawing tool, type it out, or upload a photo of their work. I only use the free version of Formative, and it is limited in the type of problems you can add, but it is effective to get the students to show their work. They are also able to use the mathematical symbols to write their answer. I enjoy being able to see how the students work through the problems and see their work in real time. So far the students enjoy having the ability to upload the photos of their work since it is difficult for some of the students to draw on their computer screens. Overall, it's been a great tool and platform to use in my class!