Go Formative: the New go to Formative Assessment!

Submitted 4 years ago
jackie h.
jackie h.
Ridgely Middle School
Lutherville Timonium MD, US
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My Take

I do truly enjoy this application. It has so many positive features however it does take some time as the teacher to work out the kinks. I was hoping that I would just be able to put the code on the board for my students, they would go the website and be right to work; however, this was not that simple. I did not realize the students needed to create their own accounts. Luckily, my school district does provide them with a username and password that is saved through a database called "clever." However, I did not know this. My students were awesome and were helping one another create the accounts and log into my assignment. I do wish this process would have been more straightforward and I would have made sure I had clear directions on the board for how to go about logging in with their designated information!

Once I had most of the students logged in, I had the students use the whiteboard feature to quickly share their thoughts on the error analysis question. However, once the students accessed their whiteboard to respond, the question shrunk, and they could not refer to it with ease. Students had to continuously go back and forth between the question and the whiteboard. I did put the question on my projector however it would have been better if students could have a split screen between the question and their whiteboard. As a result, this activity took much longer than anticipated. The students struggled with remembering the question.

The students were highly engaged as they loved the fact that they could choose their ink color and draw their ideas using the class set of styluses. The idea that they had full control and could express their creativity was wonderful to watch. Once the students were done, I was able to share each of their individual responses on the screen. I had the choice for anonymous or names. The students liked seeing their work on the board and being able to express their ideas both visually and verbally.

Overall, I do enjoy this application. It allows for students to think freely and share their own responses. It also encourages students to reflect on their responses as well as their classmates' responses.

How I Use It

I used this product to evaluate a student's errors in his work. I typed the problem that contained the error and the students were asked to identify the error and explain how to fix the error. I was very excited because I knew I could share the students' responses on the screen once they were all finished with the task. I was going to have students discuss the answers and give constructive criticism on whether their classmates answers provided enough information for a good response.

The students really struggled with the whiteboard question as they were unable to see the clear question and respond to the prompt while using the whiteboard. However, once I posted the question on the projector, the students were very excited to respond. They enjoyed that they were able to share their ideas in this format.

I would use this application more and more often once I become more familiar with the features. I thought this application would be simple to just open and use but this was not the case. You must have students create accounts unlike Kahoot! or Quizizz where they simply go the website and type a code in. This was confusing to me. However, now that I have tried it, I think that this application will be great for Warm-ups, Check ins and exit tickets. The students can easily access the question and they can share their work and thought process. Most applications are multiple choice - this is one which forces the students to use their own thinking and share their thought process.

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