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The large variety of lessons on the website are great for me to see what my students are interested in and for me to do my lesson plans around. I love the usage of hip-hop music since some students would only be able to experience this kind of music at home or on their own. Incorporating it into informative and exciting videos allows students to connect more with what they are learning. The website is also easy to use. I would not recommend relying solely on this website, but it is a great starting point that teachers can create activities or further lessons from.

How I Use It

Flocabulary is the first learning resource of its kind that I have ever seen. It incorporates hip-hop music with enriching lessons that keep students having fun and engaged. Learning through music and great visuals helps students process and understand what they are learning. This tool could be a great first step to introducing a topic, or as a study tool for students to go over topics and answering questions.