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Fun and engaging ways for students to learn!

The large variety of lessons on the website are great for me to see what my students are interested in and for me to do my lesson plans around. I love the usage of hip-hop music since some students would only be able to experience this kind of music at home or on their own. Incorporating it into informative and exciting videos allows students to connect more with what they are learning. The website is also easy to use. I would not recommend relying solely on this website, but it is a great starting point that teachers can create activities or further lessons from.
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Why we do not like flocabulary

I do not like this app because it uses profound words and my students say they are too advanced for this app the are very well behaved and very intelligent for this app.
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Great way to engage students in the content using hip hop and beats!

I think flocabulary is a great tool that can be used in every content area. I like that the students can get out of their seats and sing/rap along while moving and grooving.
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a fun way to learn vocabularies

I think this learning tool can be used as something to add to the lesson. can help children learn new vocabulary through small videos and short stories. I think it is a very fun and interesting way to learn.
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Price too high

Overall opinion is that the cost is ridiculous for a teacher
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Flocabulary Rocks!

This product was great. I would recommend this product for all grade levels.
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Successful ENGAGEMENT from all students!

I loved how engaged that my students were with the music and content integration. I like that I can search by topic and see how they are connected to the standards. However, not all content may be specific to every grade-level.
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Great way to get the students up, moving, and learning!

Overall I think Flocabulary is a great way to get the students engaged. Once engaged in the assignment they wanted to learn more. One thing I really like about the product is that the lesson can be modified for all levels. After the video the students can complete the assignments the teacher has assigned for specific individuals.
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Great tunes to get kiddos engaged!

The students really enjoy the songs from Flocabulary. I really like the level of engagement the songs provided and how the content aligned with standards. This also inspired students to think outside of the box and create their own music/rhymes. It would be GREAT if it were still free!
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Exciting songs and activities to keep students engaged!

The songs are very engaging! I love that the students love it. I also love that I can extend the learning with the assignments and easily customize them for individual or groups of students.
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