Spitting Knowledge through Song!

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Overall I really love this program and so do the students. With its Weekly "Week in Rap" selection, Flocabulary helps to keep students informed on what's currently happening in the world. Always working on improvements, a newly added feature now breaks down Current Events into grade levels giving close attention to sensitive subjects matters and developing age appropriate content. Other invaluble tools that come with each video are lesson plans, interactive lyric sheets, student handouts, and assessments that are rigorous with content.
These lessons are a Substitute Teachers dream, so I tend to provide my sub folder with plenty. Since Flocabulary is consistanly improving , it's only downfall is that it went from a FREE program to a $96 a year(and $2000 a yr for the whole school) overnight! OUCH!

How I Use It

What started out looking like a simple "Kiddie" cartoon, at first glance, turns out to be an updated version of "School House Rock"for scholars of all ages. Flocabulary is an online library of educational hip-hop songs and videos for grades K-12. From Minerals to Multiplcation , each video has an infectious chorus that sticks with and guides you into a verse that contains a bevy of information. No matter if you have ELL students or H.S. honors, Flocabulary is a learning tool that has something for everyone.

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