Hip Hop to a more engaging lesson plan.

Submitted 8 years ago
Lionel B.
Lionel B.
District Technology Coach
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My Take

Flocabulary is a great resource for teachers trying to find a different way to engage their students. The lyrics are well written and delivered in a way where the appeal of the music does not completely distract form the content. The site keeps adding more and more content for all grade levels and some new areas do seem a little rushed and under researched but overall the materials can make an impact on any classroom activity. In addition the Week In Rap is a perfect way to review important events from the week. Do not forget about Writing Academic Rhymes resources.

How I Use It

Flocabulary videos provide teachers an engaging way to introduce students to new subjects and topics. The song format with supporting animations appeal to student interest while still providing valuable content that students are more likely to retain. Once teachers shave played the video they can give the students a print out of the lyrics or use the fill in the blank worksheets to review the lyrical content. The teacher does have the option of also using the interactive media tabs at the top of the video, which include challenge questions. For some teachers the pace of the videos can be too fast for delivering information and have to be viewed several times which can cause some redundancy. Teachers also use the Lesson Plans and Games to support and transition in to more in depth exploration of a topic.