Great way to hook students into learning.

Submitted 9 years ago
Amy S.
Amy S.
Hedgesville Middle School
Hedgesville WV, US
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My Take

Flocabulary is a great website although it does cost money to use it. There are free videos available as well. It is well maintained and is always updating their information (it is Common Core aligned). The videos are full of information and accessible to all the students in my class.

How I Use It

I used this as a whole group learning activity. I played the video on story elements. It was used to introduce our short story unit. The students loved the hip-hop platform and it hooked them right in. The song defined all the story elements and included examples. The song's chorus was very repetitive and catchy and most of the students were singing it on the way out the door. Flocabulary has worksheet students can fill out as they listen along and also to complete as extension activities. There are also questions to click on which could be answered as a group or paper/pencil individually and could serve as a formative assessment.