Intriguing and motivating videos to teach educational concepts

Submitted 9 years ago
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Looking for a way to get your students’ fingers tapping and heads’ bobbing all while learning relevant educational topics? Flocabulary is guaranteed (well at least from my experience) to grasp your students’ attention and supplement your instruction. Within the website, teachers can explore a wide range of topics, videos, and resources to use with their lessons. In addition, being a website with materials taught through videos, students are able to replay and read the lyrics in order to make sure they understand the content. Altogether, you can use a Flocabulary video in any part of your lesson plan to help focus attention, motivate students, and/or reinforce your lesson.

How I Use It

I always enjoy using Flocabulary as a grabber for my lessons. I especially like the multiplication and division videos to teach basic math facts because they are catchy and spark conversations in class. Also, most of the math videos have a review section in them so students can practice the basic facts that were just discussed. My students love the cartoon videos and I often catch them singing the songs outside of our class discussions. Flocabulary will motivate students to explore more videos on their own time to practice and reinforce their learning.