Young Adult culture as Social Change

Submitted 8 years ago
Miriam K.
Miriam K.
Cornell Elementary School
Coraopolis PA, US
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The kids really like this organization. They have volunteered int he community and have helped to raise books, funds, and awareness for certain causes. The people who host the website get back to questions sent through email pretty quickly and are very good about sending out updates on what they are working on. I have been very please with the result of this club and the people and causes this club supports.

How I Use It

This website is the main website for the Harry Potter Alliance. this organization uses popular, young adult culture to try and affect social change. they have multiple initiatives and a lot of resources that go with each initiative. We have started a Harry Potter Alliance at our school (Hagrid's Hippogriffs) and have begun doing out reach into the community. This website has a lot of information about how to begin a program and what types of campaigns they have and how you can help. it is a great way to get students interested in the world outside of themselves.