I liked this app because it introduced new words to the students to learn. It will enrich students' vocabulary, and encourage them to use the new words learned in their discussions. Also, students will learn about the meaning of the words in a fun way.

Submitted 5 years ago
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My Take

This is a good tool to help the students improve their vocabulary and words use. Students are not just learning how to spell the words; additionally, they are learning about the meaning of these words in an animated way. Teachers integrate learning and fun, by using this app. New words are always added; so, students can learn new words every time they go on the app. On the other hand, the app didn't have a way to test the students about their improvement in vocabulary or spelling skills. Also, the price of the app was $8.99, which was high comparing to other apps.

How I Use It

During computer lab, I can ask my future students to go on this app and use it. Students are learning and having fun at the same time; they are learning new words to enrich their vocabulary and learn how to spell various new words. Students will be encouraged to use the new words learned in their every day conversation and writing assignments.