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Good resource for kids struggling with early letters/simple words

There are lots of early alphabet/language apps, but this one is one of the better ones. Very straightforward and well designed.
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Great application

I found this program to be quite valuable for pupils in the Pre-K and Kindergarten levels. Because of its availability and ability to attract children into learning letter sounds and expanding their vocabulary, the product is an excellent teaching tool. The videos are entertaining and interactive. Kids would want to see them time after time, and they would.
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This is a very adorable and fun app that helps kids practice all the letter names and sounds of the alphabet. It also helps kids learn new vocabulary words and provides visuals that explain the meaning of each word that is spelled.

This is a great little app that I would use in my classroom to help kids practice all the letter names and sounds of the alphabet. I would not use it during whole group instruction. However, I would use it as a reading center during my literacy block to give kids an opportunity with individual practice and review of the alphabet sounds. The monsters in this app are funny to watch and the visuals keep the kids engaged, however, this app does not go very deep into phonics or provide any support with other reading strategies. For example, it teaches new vocabulary words and their definitions, but it doesn't provide any opportunity for students to practice blending letter sounds. Students cannot create their own words or practice reading basic CVC words. And, it does not review sight words.
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I liked this app because it introduced new words to the students to learn. It will enrich students' vocabulary, and encourage them to use the new words learned in their discussions. Also, students will learn about the meaning of the words in a fun way.

This is a good tool to help the students improve their vocabulary and words use. Students are not just learning how to spell the words; additionally, they are learning about the meaning of these words in an animated way. Teachers integrate learning and fun, by using this app. New words are always added; so, students can learn new words every time they go on the app. On the other hand, the app didn't have a way to test the students about their improvement in vocabulary or spelling skills. Also, the price of the app was $8.99, which was high comparing to other apps.
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Great way to engage students in learning letter sounds!

Overall, I like the app - more so than my rating indicates. The app is limited in the grand scheme of things, but is excellent for introducing letter sounds. There is an interactive component and students can drag the letter to continue hearing the letter sound. The completed word rewards students with animation that they seem to enjoy as well.
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Fun way to learn vocabulary!

I love this app as something educational that students can work on to expand their vocabulary. I think that if there were more words it would be more beneficial. I also would like for students to have to spell the word in order instead of just being able to put the letter where it belongs and not necessarily in order from the beginning to the end of the word. Overall this app is highly engaging and my students beg to "play" it!
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Worth the $6.99 - engages primary-age children in word building and letter sounds

I love Endless Alphabet! It is both fun and funny. It engages students by letting them manipulate the letters, without constricting them to spelling the word correctly letter by letter. After putting the letters in place to spell the word, a short video plays that explains what the word means. Many students have added these large words to their vocabulary and are able to use them correctly.
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Very engaging alphabet fun!

I like the interest the students have in this app. They stay engaged and want to play over and over.
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Introduces new vocabulary in a fun way.

I like this app. It introduces a lot of new vocabulary to students and shows them visually the meaning of the words.The students enjoy using this app on their own as well.When individual students are using the app, it is best to use headphones.
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One of my child's favorite apps!

I would definitely recommend this and their other apps. They are simple, adorable, well designed, and intuitive.
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