Educreations is a great way to show what you know!

Submitted 8 years ago
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I'm not sure why it is listed as being an app for grades 6-12. I would label it for k-12. Educreations is easy enough to use that anyone can create a lesson easily. A couple of frustrations: you can't view your lesson after you've recorded it until after you've saved it - so if you made a mistake you can't make easy changes. However, for "exit ticket" activities, that isn't an issue. It's just a problem when students really want a polished video lesson.

How I Use It

This app is incredibly flexible and allows students to easily create an interactive lesson that shows what they know. We've used it in every subject area, and in kindergarten through 12th grade. I've also had teachers use it to create their own flipped lesson for students to watch. I've seen it used by kindergartners to illustrate their understanding of addition, 2nd graders to tell what they know about matter and about Earth Day, all the way up to high school students illustrating Spanish sentences and advanced algebra problem. It is a flexible and excellent tool!