An engaging tool for lesson delivery and for having students explain their thinking.

Submitted 8 years ago
Ryan B.
Ryan B.
Coordinator of Instruction
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My Take

I loved using Educreations in my math and science class. It was super helpful for creating flipped instruction videos and for having my students digitize their thoughts. What I really liked about it was the fact that I could create lessons on my iPad and on my computer. The simplicity of the interface also made it easy for my students to quickly learn how to use the program. This also helped them focus on the task at hand instead of playing around with all of the buttons. My only constructive critique of Educreations is that you have to record everything in one take. There were several occasions where someone would interrupt me as I was almost done recording a lesson. Since I could only record one take I would have to go back and start all over. With that being said I still love using Educreations.

How I Use It

I used the Educreations iPad app to create flipped instruction videos for my students. After creating the videos I would then post them on my website for the students to watch during class. My students enjoyed watching the videos because they had the ability to go at their own pace. If they missed something they could rewind. If they needed help they could pause the video and immediately ask me for help. Being able to create an Educreations movie on my iPad was a huge plus for me because I could easily create the videos from home.

My students used Educreations on their computers to create their own instructional videos. They created videos that described different types of volcanoes, explained mathematical concepts, and retold famous historical stories. My students enjoyed that they had the ability to annotate images as they explained their thinking. They also worked harder on these assignments because they knew that their friends were going to be watching their videos.