Awesome teacher and student created and shared Whiteboard vdeos

Submitted 8 years ago
Jeremy B.
Jeremy B.
Gull Lake Community Schools
Richland MI, US
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My Take

This was a MUST HAVE app until the last few months. It just went to a paid service. As a classroom teacher, this might be one of the services I would pay for, but the yearly subscription will be costly ($99 currently). Still, Educreations is easy to use, students enjoy it, and awesome for students/parents to review lessons. Overall a very useful tool if teachers are willing to pay the new annual subscription fees.

How I Use It

Educreations is a great app for creating whiteboard videos. Teachers can draw on the screen, have audio directions, include image backgrounds to write on, and post these for students to review later. It is easy to set up and teachers can create student accounts for them to do the same. Each video gets a web link that can be opened up and posted on websites or shared via email.

As a teacher, I set up a classroom and enroll all my students (with an enrollment code) into the classroom. Then I can have all the videos the students create appear in my classroom folder to look over. This works well for assessments (student works a math problem, dictates their steps, and sends me the clip). This works very well and is easy for students to do (I did this with 2nd-5th graders).