My go-to app in a classroom that had limited device use.

Submitted 8 years ago
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My Take

This tool was extremely engaging and versatile to use in my classroom. We used it daily, which can't be said about most apps in the classroom. I wish it had more creative tools, or the smoothness/prettiness of the Paper by 53 app, but as a whiteboard app, this was my favorite for student use.

How I Use It

I would use this app each day for students to record their vocabulary word wall presentations. It was our starter for the day and I only had 10 iPads in my class, so we were still creating our word walls on paper. I would have a student take an iPad and go around the room and take a picture of a word wall from each group in Educreations. Students would then take turns presenting the word wall for their group (I had four students per group, and we presented M-Th, so everyone had a turn). While they were presenting, they would record the presentation and then I would have a student responsible for posting that video on our Edmodo page in a folder. This helped those students who were absent so they could see the presentations they missed. Also, students would use the videos to study for their vocabulary quizzes on Friday.

I also used the app often to have students take a picture of text and annotate the text using the app. I would put this in a small group rotation with a big screen TV I checked out of the library hooked up to one of my iPads. They would choose the passage and co-annotate the passage together. This was usually their favorite station and I loved it because of the collaborative language analysis that would happen at that station. They would screenshot their annotated text and post it on Edmodo so I could see their work if I was at my teacher-directed station.

Here is a link to an example of how I used Educreations: