Great Overall Teaching and Learning Tool!

Submitted 8 years ago
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My Take

I highly recommend this app, as the opportunities are endless for implementation in the class by both teachers and students!

How I Use It

This app can be used in so many applications! I have used Educreations Interactive Whiteboard as both a teacher-teaching tool and a student-led teaching tool.
For my low literacy students, I have used this application to bridge challenging Social Studies text by reading text aloud after embedding a screen-shot of online reading material. The app allowed me to mark where I was reading so that the students were able to follow along in the text as I read it. In this way, I was able to address specific needs of a student so that could participate in a project more independently.
For my high-level students that have mastered math content, I had them create a video of how to solve multi-step math problems that involved concepts of regrouping. The app allows student to write or type the problems while explaining how they solved the problem.
There is also accessibility online of the materials that are created on the board, as well as the ability to share the material both publicly and privately.