This is a great tool for assessing students in mathematical content and practicies.

Submitted 8 years ago
Anna G.
Anna G.
James Denman Middle School
San Francisco CA, US
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My Take

I really love this product. It is really easy to use and the students get better and better at using it with each activity that we do. I really like how when students create their own accounts that all the work gets sent into my account so that I can view and grade them at my leisure. Also, my classes share iPads so usually three or more students use one iPad. With the ability to create accounts, students cannot accidentally delete someone else's work since they have to log on to save and submit their work.

How I Use It

As a teacher, I used to assess my students with tests, quizzes, and observations. With the increased emphasis on technology, assessing my students is now much easier. My students use iPads regularly to learn, review material, and show their mastery of content. Educreations allows students to show their work and explain their thinking at the same time. It allows students to show their understanding of the content standard and to demonstrate the mathematical practice(s) they used to master the particular standard.