Students show mastery of learning through video creation

Submitted 9 years ago
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Educreations is a wonderful tool for assessing the depth of student learning. When students are writing and talking and videotaping it, you can truly see whether or not they have mastered a particular concept or skill. Additionally, the students are proud of the videos that they create, and they want to share them with other students - so more learning occurs.

How I Use It

I have used educreations with vocabulary words in science and social studies. The students go on to the internet and find a picture that represents the word that they are studying, then they upload it into the app, write a definition for the word over the picture, and then they can record their voice explaining the concept or vocabulary word. Additionally, I use it for math all the time. I give the students a practice problem in fractions, decimals, whatever we are studying, and the students solve the problem while creating a video. I can view the videos later and remediate any problems they may be having.