Great app for Teachers and Students

Submitted 9 years ago
Bekah  H.
Bekah H.
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My Take

This app is great for teachers and students. As a teacher I can project this app and use it the same way I would my white board with one great additional feature, it records. This app will record my lecture and annotations, so once I am finished I can add it to my class website for students who are absent or need additional review of the topic.

Also this app is great for students to use to demonstrate their knowledge and understanding of the topic.

I wish there was an editing option. Once you publish a video you cannot go back and make changes, which is sometimes difficult in a 50 min class period.

How I Use It

I like to use this app with students to have them explain a topic or particular problem. For example if we are using this app in math class, students have to work out the problem step by step while explaining their reasoning for the solution to the problem. This is great for understanding the student's thought process and identifying gaps in the student's learning. If there are gaps in the learning it shows me as the teacher what areas I need to re-teach or readdress if multiple students have the same misconception.
So this app is excellent for formative assessment and summative assessment! Great App!