Another must-have for all of my lessons at all levels...and it's fun!

Submitted 9 years ago
Sarah M.
Sarah M.
Chapel Hill High School
Tyler TX, US
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My Take

Another must-have, with some caveats. I love the simplicity of this app and it almost immediately "disappears" for the students - they get it, and they focus on the content. You do have to set up an account and log in as a student on each iPad. And, you can't export the creations to Dropbox (although you can upload pics from Dropbox). I just switched to Doodlecast Pro in order to be able to more easily post and share files. But for every day, in-class sharing, you're just fine with the app as is.

How I Use It

A simple way to use this app is as a digital "Think Pair Share." Students can create a video that explains something they've just learned. That can be used to show the class right then, or to be linked to on a class blog as "What We Understood About [Rainforests] at the Beginning" and then "What We Understand About Them Now." I've actually done that with both teachers in inservice and with students as young as grade 2. We have used them as a place to label and practice saying scientific words, and to explain what's happening in a picture of kids playing a game (First, Then, Finally).