Great tool to help parents see how kids learn, and what questions to ask.

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I love it! I use it with my K class. Parents don't usually get a "no" answer to "what did you do at school today?" they know how the lesson went and what questions to ask.

How I Use It

I use Educreations to do "How to" presentations for administrators and parents to see how I teach them different concepts, recording students responses and asking the "right" questions to get them engaged in the lesson. I add pictures with kids voices and also circle key words to ask.
An example of one of my educreations is linked below. It is an explanation on the process that the class went through to create a Halloween book, inspired by the songs : Five Little Pumpkins. The children not only had to fill in the blanks to sight words and ordinal words, but they illustrated pictures which showed reading comprehension. I had the kids read each page, and when mistakes were made, asked the right questions to guide parents on what questions to ask when children are reading. It was a very helpful tool for the parents because they would have just seen this book as a coloring activity when really, there was a lot more into it.
Here is the link if you want to see it:…

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