Simple, clean app that allows students and teachers to flip the classroom or re-teach material.

Submitted 9 years ago
Melissa W.
Melissa W.
Center Grove High School
Greenwood IN, US
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My Take

This app is great because it's easy to use and allows both students and teachers to create lessons and share with each other. Saving PPT slides as photos and dropping them into EduCreations can allow users to write over the top of the slides. Dropping a PDF of a piece of writing also allows students to follow along with editing on the screen. The only downfall is that it is hard to re-record your information if a mistake is made during the initial recording, which can cause things to be a little timely.

How I Use It

I use this product frequently in my day-to-day classroom. Many times I will have students watch an EduCreations video before revising a paper. The video will focus on reteaching skills and give students step-by-step instructions on what to look for in their draft. Students can then revise a paper for an improved grade after watching the video.

I have also used EduCreations to create 10-15 minute videos that students watch at home the night before class (flipping my classroom). Students then come in with questions about the lecture and are able to spend the majority of the time applying what they learn while I'm in the classroom. For example, I did a quick video on the four main causes of World War I and students then spent the class period working in groups to create a graphic that showed how these four causes all interacted and related to each other.