Draw and Tell HD - by Duck Duck Moose

Kids' drawings come alive with stickers, color, and voice recordings

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Arts, Communication & Collaboration, Creativity, English Language Arts

Price: Free
Platforms: iPad

Pros: Gives kids the option to be storytellers or just simply color for fun.

Cons: Once they record a story, kids can't go back and add more to it.

Bottom Line: Lots of art tools and voice recording help kids unleash their visual and verbal storytelling.

Use Draw and Tell with individual students who are new to using mobile apps, or those who want to color and draw digitally. After you've offered students a little guidance during the first session or two, this can be a powerful introduction to young kids for creating digital stories with multimedia elements. Teachers may want to challenge kids who are already enthusiastic about art and verbal storytelling to use this app in collaboration with other students to create and record stories together and use different voices for different characters. For reluctant storytellers, the premade coloring pages with cute characters can act as story prompts: What is the lion doing? Who can you add to the picture with a sticker? What will that character say to the lion? Draw and Tell is one of those apps that can really spark imagination and, for kids who love to draw and tell stories, will most certainly be a favorite in the classroom.

Draw and Tell - by Duck Duck Moose is a unique drawing and coloring app designed for young kids. It encourages visual and verbal storytelling by including an option for kids to record their own voice in conjunction with the drawing or coloring pages. Kids can choose from a variety of different backgrounds, colors, characters, objects, and stencils to create drawings. Then they can write or draw directly onto a scene. When they're done designing and setting up a scene, kids can record the story -- however they envision it in their imagination. If they choose, they can move stickers around to add action to the scene. To keep it basic for younger users, kids can simply color dozens of ready-made templates or free-draw with no recording. The app saves creations for sharing and for kids' self-reflection, but kids can't go back into a recording to add to or change it. Draw and Tell - by Duck Duck Moose is a colorful, engaging way for kids to start multifaceted storytelling.

Even with all the options, Draw and Tell keeps the process of creating simple enough for young students. Kids learn about making and telling stories digitally as they design and record them, using their own imagination. There's little instruction here about what type of stories to draw and tell or how to create them. Still, the lack of step-by-step instruction isn't a problem, because the icons that kids tap to choose options are clearly marked to show what each means, and the user interface is simple.

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Well-designed for very young artists and storytellers, Draw and Tell has easy-to-find icons for recording, drawing, coloring, and more. For kids who want more structure, it offers predesigned coloring pages, too.


A range of settings and character options provides some starter choices, but for the most part kids learn through experimentation and self-directed art creation and storytelling. 


Kids may need some adult direction at first. Draw and Tell takes a mostly hands-off approach to guiding kids. Verbal tutorials are very limited.

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An Interactive Storytelling Tool for Primary Students that Inspires Open-ended Creativity

This app has a lot of potential for creativity and creation. I would recommend it for preschool - 3rd grade, but it is really geared toward young children. Because it is a paid app, it may not be something to purchase for an entire school, but it is a great app for creation in the primary grades.

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