An Interactive Storytelling Tool for Primary Students that Inspires Open-ended Creativity

Submitted 8 years ago
Emily S.
Emily S.
Holly Hills Elementary School
Denver CO, US
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My Take

This app has a lot of potential for creativity and creation. I would recommend it for preschool - 3rd grade, but it is really geared toward young children. Because it is a paid app, it may not be something to purchase for an entire school, but it is a great app for creation in the primary grades.

How I Use It

This is a great platform for young learners to use with digital storytelling. Students can record a screencast while they animate stickers, record their voice, and draw & color in this app. It can also be saved to the camera roll, which allows for the possibility of app smashing (combining 2 or more programs into one project). I used this app to create commercials for word chunks. For example, the letter 'y' can make different sounds in a word. It sounds like 'e' in the word "money," and it sounds like "i" in the word "sky." I made a commercial called "The Sneaky Spy Detective Y." I animated the commercial with a sticker that was "detective Y," giving examples of different sounds that 'y' made in different words. I will have the students create their own commercials like this for word chunks such as digraphs, r controlled vowels, and irregular plurals. This app allows you to add your own picture as the background, so it would also be a good program to use for creating short directions at a math station, literacy station, or to give instructions for procedures in the classroom. For example, if students take a picture of the drinking fountain, they can animate and record what the procedure is for getting a drink in the classroom. If the recording is uploaded to google drive or dropbox, it can be turned into a QR code and posted in the room for reference.