Good when used often, esp. for students with writing disabilities

Submitted 9 years ago
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My Take

I have students use this tool as they are writing essays. I have had mixed success - it's harder to incorporate the writing process as a part of this tool. It is especially good for students who are good at forming ideas, but struggle with spelling. I only use it in the content areas besides writing, however. When I am teaching writing, we do not use Dragon. Also, I've had problems with the app properly syncing to that account with our district's proxies.

How I Use It

When a student has an essay to complete for a class other than writing, such as social studies or science, or the most important part of the assignment is conveying ideas, I have students use Dragon as a writing support. I have not had great success as of yet in using it as part of teaching writing, especially with the idea formation stages or later editing stages. But it does help to have something to work with, and it allows the student to complete assignments without feeling as self-conscious about their spelling abilities or grammar problems.