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Mulitple uses with Special Ed. Students

I like that students once introduced can use this independently. It allows students to be more independent when completing their work. It can also be used as a spell checker during the writing process and or the revision process.
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Great for Revision practice, speaking skills, and helping struggling writers.

Dragon is a tool and like any tool, its worth depends on how you use it. Issues with accuracy in dictation have improved over the years. I personally know several individuals with handicaps that rely on Dragon for daily online communication (both personal and business), and it works great for them. Students do need a little warming up to the dictation process, but once they are comfortable, they do well. If you have a purpose behind your use of Dragon, I believe it can be a great tool in your writers' toolbox.
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Great Speech-to-Text Functionality

Teachers love this app because it's simple to use and is very accurate in its translations. Kids love seeing their spoken words converted into text, so it's a win-win in my book!
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Good when used often, esp. for students with writing disabilities

I have students use this tool as they are writing essays. I have had mixed success - it's harder to incorporate the writing process as a part of this tool. It is especially good for students who are good at forming ideas, but struggle with spelling. I only use it in the content areas besides writing, however. When I am teaching writing, we do not use Dragon. Also, I've had problems with the app properly syncing to that account with our district's proxies.
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A great tool for older students who are challenged in the area of written expression.

Dragon is a speech to text tool that requires clear articulation and knowledge of voice commands. It really does a nice job of picking up spoken language. A quiet location for using the tool is beneficial and will yield the best results. Students will benefit from having a cheat sheet of commands for including punctuation. At some point the program will stop typing and the text may be emailed or the user may paste the material into a document. The text produced on Dragon will contain substitute words rather than spelling errors. Spell checking will not recognize errors within the Dragon text.
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Good app and lots of fun!

Dragon Dictation is an app that my students love to use. They think it is fun to speak a story (instead of write it) and watch their words appear. It does take some getting used to saying when you need to add punctuation, but the students are getting used to it. I like that it encourages my students to create stories. They can save their progress and then share with others. The only downside is that the students aren't always as clear as they need to be in order for the app to be accurate with what they are saying.
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Can be beneficial and useful, but has difficulty picking up all words and phrases.

I have used Dragon Dictate before on the Mac, and enjoyed its uses. But when the App came out, I was thrilled to see its availability, However I also have been offput by the amount it doesn't pick up. I have had a harder time using the app, than I have the actual Software on the computer. I like the idea of it being portable and used in the hands of students, but even some of the students have expressed difficulties using it, as it doesn't pick up certain accents very well, or slurs etc.
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Good basic speech to text

This app is a basic speech to text tool. There isn't a lot of bells and whistles as it just translates the spoken word to the printed word.
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