Fun way to integrate Next Generation Science Standards with engineering challenges.

Submitted 8 years ago
Stephanie  E.
Stephanie E.
K-12 Science Instructional Specialist
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My Take

I love this product! I liked that it had videos that I could use as a hook to start the lesson. I also liked the step-by-step directions with pictures for building the designs. I was nervous that those directions would take the creativity out of the design process. I had the develop a way to use the product they built in a unique way. They also have suggestions at the bottom for other things to try. I think this tool is a great way to start incorporating the engineering standards and practices found in the Next Generation Science Standards.

How I Use It

I used this product to help students learn about the engineering process. It has some awesome ideas that are very engaging for kids. They can watch videos and use the instructions for building their own designs. They can even post their designs to the site to share with others. I was not able to get that far last year, but I plan on having students share their designs next year. When we used these engineering ideas the class loved it. It does take some time to find the materials students will need for their designs, but it is well worth it.