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Amazing way to integrate STEM and Next Gen Science Standards!!

I think this is a wonderful resource to add to my STEM unit! It's great that students can view videos of other students' engineering designs. Viewing other kids' engineering designs are great motivation to engage kids in engineering. I also love the fact that these videos are of practical designs to meet needs in today's world! Games are highly engaging!!!
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Get your Kids creative Design Brain Cells in a Frenzy

I used this product with students for my Game Design Workshop, we watched the Kid Engineer: The Design Process video as an introduction to present The Game Design Process, it helped students in need of a visual representation get a better understanding of what a process is, and how the process might change based on the intended outcome. Great tool.
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Great interactive website with great activities that students of all ages will love

This website as a teaching tool would be great for students to view. I was able to review the website and link with the students.
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Fantastic resource for design challenges.

This is a great resource and works well with any exploration into the engineering design process. This helps students understand about problem-solving, failure, redesign, and it gives them different content options.
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Good, practical use of the design process

I think this is a great tool and great way to show experiments and the design process at work. This is an excellent resource if you have limited supplies or limited resources.
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Great STEM resource!

Love what I have seen and I am excited to implement some of the lessons and ideas I have seen into my lessons and curriculum. Implementing STEM has been fun and I enjoy looking for new and exciting websites. This website fits right into what I do but provides new aspects to my teaching.
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Fun way to integrate Next Generation Science Standards with engineering challenges.

I love this product! I liked that it had videos that I could use as a hook to start the lesson. I also liked the step-by-step directions with pictures for building the designs. I was nervous that those directions would take the creativity out of the design process. I had the develop a way to use the product they built in a unique way. They also have suggestions at the bottom for other things to try. I think this tool is a great way to start incorporating the engineering standards and practices found in the Next Generation Science Standards.
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Amazing STEM website!

Overall, I truly love the website! Each page is full of colorful fonts and fun graphics, the videos are hosted by children, users are actively invited to submit their design ideas for challenges and share invention ideas, and users can make profiles and earn rewards. All of these aspects make the website incredibly engaging for students. The educational quality of the videos are high, as the videos clearly define terms that may be unfamiliar to students and explain concepts and phenomenon related to each project. Regarding the "Build" activities, there are extension activities that allow users to further their experience in a more complex way and there are facts that accompany each activity which explain the phenomena that allow the project to work. I love that the content of the "Build" projects are differentiated so that students can watch a video, read the steps online, download the steps so they can be printed, and even translate the steps into Spanish. Finally, the "Parent, Educators, and Engineers" page sort resources by topic, provide lesson plans and guides for themed activities, allows access to training resources, and invitations adults to join their blog and newsletter for further information.
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Creativity at it's best!

The games help to spark interest in topics. The videos are informational and interesting. The teacher section is searchable by topic. It would be helpful to make the student portal searchable as well.
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Great STEM Resource

I like that it was easy to get started and also very engaging!
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