Get your Kids creative Design Brain Cells in a Frenzy

Submitted 7 years ago
Danielle W.
Danielle W.
Children's Librarian- Queens Library @ Long Island City Community Library
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I used this product with students for my Game Design Workshop, we watched the
Kid Engineer: The Design Process video as an introduction to present The Game Design Process, it helped students in need of a visual representation get a better understanding of what a process is, and how the process might change based on the intended outcome. Great tool.

How I Use It

Design Squad is an exceptional tool for educators to use if they want their students to learn about the design process and follow through with a creative drawing of the intended outcome. There are instructional videos available on almost anything you can think of and then many others of those you did not think of. The idea behind the product is to have students think out of the box, and see it become a reality.