Common Curriculum helps make lesson planning and sharing easy!

Submitted 8 years ago
Jen W.
Jen W.
Avonworth Elementary School
Pittsburgh PA, US
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I am excited to build off the lessons that I started last year. My goal is to introduce the Common Curriculum website to the new teachers on my team as well as my student teacher. For example, when my student teacher initially starts writing her plans, it will be helpful for her to have the lessons that I have taught before it, as well as the lessons that will follow. She can add the state standards and type in her plans and then send them to me. I will be able to review her plans and if necessary, add suggestions. Furthermore, my team will already be used to this resource, and the student teacher will be able to share the plans, just like I had been doing. My team will appreciate the extra time we have once everyone is using and sharing lessons using Common Curriculum as our lesson planning tool.

How I Use It

Common Curriculum is an essential component of my week to week lesson planning. The best part I found from using it was I could share the plans with my principal, our learning support teacher, the title one reading teacher and my team. This definitely helped my team be more efficient. The collaboration is seamless and saved much planning time during our prep period. It is easy to use and allows you to set up your lesson plan book with the classes you teach and the times you teach them. In addition, I like how it allows you to add your state standards, essential questions and activities to your plans.

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