Free, user-friendly digital plan book allows collaboration and differentiation

Submitted 8 years ago
Emily S.
Emily S.
Holly Hills Elementary School
Denver CO, US
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Common Curriculum is an awesome digital plan book that is saved in the cloud. It has a lot of room for customizing your schedule to make it useful for elementary, middle, or high school teachers. It has the same useful features that I've seen in other digital plan books such as the ability to bump lessons, add standards (which has a bank from which you can choose your state and the standards aligned to it), and a basic layout that allows you to build your classes, schedule, and view it in a daily or weekly format. What makes Common Curriculum stand out above other digital plan books is the collaboration feature.
The option for collaboration changes a regular plan book into a 21st century tool by moving it up the SAMR ladder into the redefinition stage. Not to mention, it is free! I love this planner! A digital planner is more versatile than a paper planner, and it will keep teachers much more organized.

How I Use It

My favorite feature in Common Curriculum is the long range planner. It allows you to build units and break down the individual lessons that make up that unit. My district requires backward planning, and this set up is perfect. You can create unit templates and lesson templates which I use to set up the format that my district uses for backward planning. I added the 21st century skills and attached documents with examples of World Class Outcomes and Essential Questions. Being able to add this to my unit template has given me everything I need to build my units and lessons right within Common Curriculum. But the best part is, this digital planner allows for collaboration. I can share my planner with RTI teachers, for example, who work with my students, and they can collaborate with me by adding differentiation suggestions for low and high students. You can also easily share your lesson plans with your principal or teammates. There is A LOT of support built in to this site as well. There are video tutorials and other supports that walk you through what you need to know to navigate the site and make it work for you.

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