Have students pick their standards

Submitted 8 years ago
Michael G.
Michael G.
Bayshore Middle School
Leonardo NJ, US
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The app is easy to use, but is not exciting for your average student. Integrating the app into lesson activities becomes easier for the teacher as long as the educator can back away and let the students take more ownership of their learning process. A tool for students to self-assess and make them aware of their learning responsibilities.

How I Use It

I focus on a lot of writing in Social Studies, particularly Document-Based Questions (DBQs). For one PBL I do with DBQs, I have students create their own DBQ assignment based on a particular time frame in history (i.e. Reconstruction).
First I have students review the Common Core Standards app for Social Studies Reading and Writing and have them self assess which standards they are strongest and / or weakest in. This is the introduction as to how the standards are applied to the curriculum and their learning.
The PBL then begins. Students work on this assignment in class during and at home. I conduct writing conferences with all students to help guide their final product. During the creation, I use the "Common Core" app on iPad so that students understand the reason for the assignment and help them focus on what standards they want their DBQ to address. I want them to choose one Writing and one Reading Standard and add it to the top of their final DBQ product.
Students share their work on a common folder using Google Apps and they must choose another student's DBQ to answer. After they type their response to the task, the student will also assess how well the listed Common Core Standards aligned to the DBQ task.