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Have students pick their standards

The app is easy to use, but is not exciting for your average student. Integrating the app into lesson activities becomes easier for the teacher as long as the educator can back away and let the students take more ownership of their learning process. A tool for students to self-assess and make them aware of their learning responsibilities.
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CCSS Trivia, Anyone?

Overall I think the app is super useful. I remember recently moderating a panel and whipping out my phone to help further the discourse... I remember an audience member saying that the CCSS were not beneficial and were not made to help kids. However, she couldn't think of a standard as an example. So, I took out my phone and read her a few of the ELA standards. I believe she changed her point of view after hearing the standards. I also think she downloaded the app!
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this is good for the teacher's use.

I like the tool for my personal use but not for the students to use because they weren't very interested in it. It good for teachers because the standards are right at you finger tips.
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New Standards? No Problem!

The app is great. Nothing too fancy - but fancy isn't necessary here. Just clear, simple and easy to use. Like to be able to pull up the wording when meeting in a teacher team, or updating our ARIS websites. Might be useful to share with parents who are eager to learn about the CCSS.
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The Common Core at your fingertips!

I think this app is a must for teachers. They did recently add a notes area. I think in order of this to be exceptional, the notes area needs to be attached to Ever Note or Google Docs.
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Be the hit at cocktail parties with the Common Core Standards on your phone!

I don't know when I'll be writing my lesson plans, but when I do, I don't want to have to search around for a resource to look up standards. Every teacher should have this on their phone. I'm glad they didn't add any stupid bells and whistles. Just give me the standards and I'll go from there.
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Great Tool that Puts the Common Core Standards at Your Fingertips.

Highly recommend this app if you need quick-easy access to common core standards. Easy to search and find standards for different content and grades. Our district uses the Standards of Math Practice and those are also included. It also has a math glossary but have not used that yet.
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Easy to use tool for teachers to access the Common core standards.

This is not a student learning tool but a professional resource.
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Need to see the Common Core State Standards? This app is helpful!

This is a good tool of teachers needing to reference the CCSS without going to the website. There is nothing dynamic about it, but I still use it.
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At a glance standards! Easy to navigate!

I use this regularly when planning lessons. I have it on my iPhone, so I always have the standards readily available when lesson planning.
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