CCSS Trivia, Anyone?

Submitted 9 years ago
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Overall I think the app is super useful. I remember recently moderating a panel and whipping out my phone to help further the discourse... I remember an audience member saying that the CCSS were not beneficial and were not made to help kids. However, she couldn't think of a standard as an example. So, I took out my phone and read her a few of the ELA standards. I believe she changed her point of view after hearing the standards. I also think she downloaded the app!

How I Use It

This website is surely one of the best! y favorite student remark was, "Williams Minor will make you use all of your data memory on downloading her school apps!"

I have used this site with students, parents and teachers. For students, I recall a time when I would quiz students in the lunchroom. I remember asking, "What standard drove your learning today? What activities did you do that matched that standard?" It was almost as if the students started to practice their answers before the left class. I would always have my iPad handy and if the students couldn't recall the standards used, we would look it up together using the app.

For parents, I encouraged them during our Parent Teacher Conference night, to frequently review the standards with their children. I vividly remember one parent calling me to let me know that she felt that a teacher was spending too much time on one standard! Those are the priceless conversations that I longed for when it came down to the education of a disengaged student!

Lastly, I would always encourage my teachers to use the app. Teachers would use the app to plan lessons and win debates with their colleagues.