Great computer programming website to transition students to more language based coding.

Submitted 8 years ago
Lionel B.
Lionel B.
Director of Elementary School Computer Science Academics
K–12 district
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My Take

The website is very engaging to the students and does a good job demonstrating how java script works. The direct connection to what the student is doing to what is happing in the activity may not be clear to the student so teachers will need to re-enforce the skills being applied. Students also need an email address to create an account which can be a problem for younger students or schools that do not allow student email addresses. Students will have to start over each time without logging in. The website needs to develop a teacher log in that allows for classroom creating and student management. There is also a forum but no website specific learning resources for teachers.

How I Use It

Students use Code Combat to help them transition from the basic concepts of block programming, used on websites like and, to more language based learning. Students still participate in a puzzle solving game based design but use java script to complete each task. The website does have visual and audio prompts to help guide the student through each level. There is also a help window to remind the students what the script looks like and what action occurs.