Incredibly easy to use, streamlined, and Fun

Submitted 1 year ago
Michael B.
Michael B.
Pansophia Academy
Coldwater MI, US
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My Take

Overall I really like this program, it allows for a great way to engage students, but also opens the door for students to work at their own pace on assignments. You have the ability to let students progress how they want, or you have the ability to gate progress for students and work through sections together. I don't have a lot of criticism for this program as it structures the learning in a way that slowly teaches students high level concepts, without ever being too much for them to handle.

How I Use It

I use this to introduce coding to my students, and it has been working fantastically both semesters I have used it. I have seen students engage and get lost within it and finally start to understand ideas like conditional coding and Variables.

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