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My Take

CNN Student News is a fantastic way to present current events to students. News is presented in a student friendly way-- using terminology and content aligned to the NYS standards. Teacher bias is eliminated during the presentation.

How I Use It

I use CNN Student News as frequently as possible. The broadcast begins with the most recent news stories and ends with more research based materials. The complete program runs about ten minutes, but students stand to gain significant knowledge even by viewing just a portion of the broadcast. Each broadcast is accompanied by a quiz that can be modified by the teacher and distributed for a grade or simply used for discussion. Many students have "liked" CNN Student News of Facebook allowing them to continually stay informed. CNN Student News can also be used to practice listening tasks as seen on ELA assessments. It can be used as enrichment for students that complete assignments early. It has turned into a major incentive in the classroom as well as students focus to stay on task and complete their learning objectives in an effort to make time to view the news.