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How Can I Teach with This Tool?

With ClassroomScreen, there a number of digital widgets teachers can project onto a screen for the entire class. Select a language and background to get started, and then place the desired widget where students can view it easily. Use the clock, timer, traffic light, and sound level tools to guide independent work or enhance the flow of group work. Be sure to use the text and drawing tools to add context to instructions. And if you're using the random name generator, click to save the inputted names into a text file for later use. 

One particularly useful feature is the duo widget option, which lets you divide the screen into two and give student groups different assignments. The work symbols (whisper, silence, ask neighbor, and work together) are useful here if you'd like one group to work together while the other group stays quiet. You can also give each group different start and end times.

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Transform your digital screen with an easy to use app

With the free version, I am able to use three screens that give me presets for my morning meeting, daily learning, and closing circle time. With the combination of these screens, my students can simply check for interactive and/or personalized instructions, see work symbols to let them know under what conditions they may learn, and use polls to collect feedback. Shortly put this app has enhanced the use of the digital screen in my classroom.

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