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Distance learning platform designed for K–12 classes

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Assessment, Classroom Management

Price: Free to try
Platforms: Web

Pros: There are tons of features and settings to help personalize, engage, and encourage participation.

Cons: The sheer number of options and features could overwhelm teachers who aren't properly trained.

Bottom Line: This comprehensive online learning platform is specifically designed for classrooms but will require thorough training.

How Can I Teach with This Tool?

Use ClassIn as an online learning alternative to Zoom or Google Meet. Like Zoom, it has breakout rooms that you can use for small groups, and teachers can record classes for students who aren't in attendance or who are doing asynchronous learning. Use the two-way digital whiteboard to show students what you want them to do and have them show you what they know, and assign and evaluate homework. Throw out a poll for formative assessment or just to boost class participation. In terms of data, teachers have access to 44 metrics, including attendance and test scores, so you can use that information to guide lesson strategy. During class, students can upload files, and there's a course chat to keep the conversation going when class is over. Encourage kids to actively participate, and use the class notes feature to keep kids thinking outside of class and understanding what's expected of them. 

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Abundant features and settings help make online lessons more dynamic and engaging.


Features encourage participation and feedback, which makes online lessons more student-centered.


There are tutorials, help features, and 12 language options, but because the system is complex, even the help section could feel overwhelming for some.

Common Sense reviewer
Christine Elgersma
Christine Elgersma Senior Editor, Learning Content Strategy

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