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Pros: Tons of information is provided in a visually engaging style, and interactivity is built into the learning experience.

Cons: Quizzes could be improved with some hints and feedback.

Bottom Line: Cell and Cell Structure is an interactive and engaging reference tool that takes kids on a journey to learn about cells.

Cell and Cell Structure could be a great supplement to any middle or high school biology lesson. Students can work through the topics independently or in groups, while taking notes in a science journal. You can have students watch the videos and then write a summary to highlight important concepts. Students can also create their own Venn diagrams to compare animal and plant cells, similar to the one in the app. Challenge students with perfect quiz scores to write their own feedback or hints for other students who are struggling. 

Cell and Cell Structure is a beautifully designed reference app that takes kids on a virtual journey through cells. You can choose from three options to start: All About Cells, Videos, or Interactive Activities. In All About Cells, you get a list of topics to learn about. Start at the top of the list with "What is a Cell?" or navigate through the topics in any order that you like. Each topic contains detailed graphics and relevant information that you can scroll or tap through. In the Videos option, there are four animated videos that kids will enjoy watching: Mitosis -- animal cells, Mitosis -- plant cells, Inside an Animal Cell, and Inside a Plant Cell. The Interactive Activities option includes three activities that kids can use to practice or apply what they learned: a word search, flashcards, and quizzes. 

Students get a vast amount of scientific information that is presented visually and verbally in Cell and Cell Structure. The information is well organized so kids can more easily tackle the subject matter. The app does a thorough job of comparing animal and plant cells, which is an important part of teaching kids about cells. Beautiful graphics make learning about cells a more engaging and exciting learning experience than traditional textbooks.

Kids can practice and test their knowledge with the interactive activities. The word search is a fun way to practice cell terminology, but the drag feature occasionally freezes, which could be frustrating for kids. Also, when you slide the button to show hints, all of the terms are given rather than a select few. The flashcards are visually appealing and kids can use them reinforce concepts. The quizzes are fine for assessing knowledge, but they have some limitations. Feedback for incorrect answers is not provided, and some questions are repeated within the same quiz. 

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Stunning graphics are highly engaging. The interactive activities and videos keep students interested.


Detailed content about cells makes it an excellent reference tool. Kids can practice their skills with interactive flashcards, a word search, and quizzes, but there's no feedback for incorrect answers.


Navigation is fairly simple, and kids can track their scores for the quizzes. Hints would improve the learning process.   

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I really like this product as a science teacher and the students did too.

I really like it a lot. It allows the student to see these structures visually and get a better understanding of what they really look like. It also helped them see how each thing works on an individual level as well as a larger scale and how the organisms work together to make the body function as a whole. It also allowed students that wanted to learn more and have a more advanced opportunity to learn do so. It gave the students an opportunity to work at their own pace and to go as deep as they would like into the material they were learning.

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