I really like this product as a science teacher and the students did too.

Submitted 8 years ago
Logan  H.
Logan H.
Oquirrh Hills Middle School
Riverton UT, US
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My Take

I really like it a lot. It allows the student to see these structures visually and get a better understanding of what they really look like. It also helped them see how each thing works on an individual level as well as a larger scale and how the organisms work together to make the body function as a whole. It also allowed students that wanted to learn more and have a more advanced opportunity to learn do so. It gave the students an opportunity to work at their own pace and to go as deep as they would like into the material they were learning.

How I Use It

I had my students use it to identify different cell structures and understand the function of each structure. I also had a little worksheet they had to fill out with this as they went along and then they got to check their work with a partner and see if they were correct.