Well developed visual graphics of cell organelles with concise yet detailed explanation of functions

Submitted 4 years ago
James L.
James L.
Westwood High School
Mesa AZ, US
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My Take

Overall, I thought the Build-a-Cell site is a useful resource for students initial contact with the information... much like slide notes. The site allows students to interact with the content in a systematic, meaningful way that takes them on a journey through a cell. Using good instructional pedagogy along with this resource can make this a very useful learning tool.

How I Use It

I used Create a Cell as a review activity to re-enforce student learning. I had students draw each organelle and answer guiding questions about each to ensure all students would filter out the same content. If students were asked only to interact with this website activity, it would not be as mentally engaging. The case studies would be useful for higher level thinking and deeper learning.