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Great online interactive for animal and plant cell learning! Great info. Not spectacular but better than looking at a diagram. Get to build it yourself.

Build-a-cell is a great tool for right when you introduce the topic of cells. It has a lot of great information about animal and plant cell components. I use it with my 6th graders and it is not the coolest thing they will do but it is definitely better than just looking at a diagram. I like that the actually have to build the cell and put all the organelles together. The above average rating that teachers and Common Sense Education gives this app is accurate.
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Well developed visual graphics of cell organelles with concise yet detailed explanation of functions

Overall, I thought the Build-a-Cell site is a useful resource for students initial contact with the information... much like slide notes. The site allows students to interact with the content in a systematic, meaningful way that takes them on a journey through a cell. Using good instructional pedagogy along with this resource can make this a very useful learning tool.
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Good interactive tool to learn about cell organelles and functions.

I love visuals for instruction and this product is effective to help students understand the location and functions of cell organelles. The students can use this tool individually and in small group setting.
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Great way to get students to interact with building cells and looking deeper into diseases of cells.

Build-a-cell is a really great, interactive, and informative way to engage students in cell structures. It included many different types of cells and even extends it into looking at different cellular diseases and what the disease does to the cell. I really appreciate the detail and information that each part of the cell allows students to gain information and review. It does need a bit more guiding information and a way to listen to each description or to translate the information into other languages for EL learners. It was a bit time consuming to get signed up and logged in. They do provide a code that students can use to sign up and be added to your class. I can't imagine getting all of my students onto the program (I only put one class onto the program). There are other programs that I can have them get into and use that are interactive.
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