Who doesn't like Tim and Moby??

Submitted 9 years ago
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Honestly? Just like the title says. Who doesn't like Tim and Moby? BrainPOP is definitely a "go-to" website when looking for engaging content with students. I've seen students from Kindergarden to twelfth grade fall in love with BrainPOP. I love that BrainPOP also offers BrainPOP Jr. and BrainPOP ESL for younger students and English Language Learning students. BrainPOP also has a great library of educational games that are great for those students who are fast finishers.

How I Use It

BrainPOP can be used in just about any way imaginable. Most BrainPOP movies come with activities and a quiz that help teachers integrate it into the classroom. The videos can be shown in a whole group setting, a small group setting, individually, or even for homework. Combine BrainPOP with their iPad App, and now Tim and Moby can be everywhere!