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Complex turned Easy

Today, some students, especially those who are disadvantaged or have special needs, have difficulty in understanding complex topics. However, what BrainPop does is by having cartoon characters, Tim and Moby, explain it. Having a cartoon explain complex topics is easier for students as opposed to reading from a book. The quizzes are good too with lots of useful questions throughout.
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BrainPOP is a colorful, fun, and playful take on quizzes.

BrainPOP has a cartoon approach that students can watch before taking quizzes. It has multiple subjects, all of which contain fun videos that can engage students more. It is also accommodating to students who may struggle learning in standard environments, but thrive better in a visual setting. It also has a plenty of follow up topics to major subjects, which encourages a learning path for any student that is interested.
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BrainPOP is a very useful apps that helps students learn more than several subjects all within one website.

I specifically enjoy that BrainPOP includes lessons that are easy for students to understand. I also like that they include follow up activities and games for students to participate in. Not only does this website include educational subjects, but it also includes topics within social emotional learning such as self management, self awareness, responsible decision making, relationship skills, social awareness. These are topics which are crucial for a significant way of living and awareness of mental/physical health.
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Good product, but the history is told with a lefty slant

Overall, the history section is told with an pro-socialist point of view. Like the 1917 mexican constitution was great because it gave the land to the peasants that were working the land. I'm not defending the peasants treatment, but you could also say that land was stolen from the rightful owners by the socialist government and given to the workers.
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Videos, Games, and Quizzes-Oh My

Overall, BrainPOP has been a useful tool to engage students. The videos have humor, which the students love, and the content has been at the right depth of understanding for my students. I enjoy the variety of lessons and how they can be viewed multiple times for a deeper level of understanding.
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Not a fan

This is a video/quiz type format. The videos are entertaining but the quiz questions can be vague and the answer not always found in the video. My big complaint is that they work in negative views of religion when not needed. Their liberal bias is subliminal and kids may not catch it but it is there. Parents pay attention.
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A myriad of informational videos and activities. The quizzes and games are great, but games can only be played on a laptop, not on iPads.

I absolutely love the format of Brainpop and it is leveled for low and high learners and ELL kids.
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Great way to introduce topics

I think it is an engaging tool that students enjoy. Again I wish that the quiz questions were randomized to encourage students to ensure that they have learned from the lesson presented rather than just memorize answer choices.
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Great short videos to cover complex topics.

This is a great tool to reinforce topics that are done in class and are covered in the standards.
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Great Resource for Science Vocab!

Great teaching tool, to reinforce concepts and vocabulary. My students LOVE to take the quizzes as groups and answer in class.
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