Good for intro and review

Submitted 9 years ago
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My Take

My overall opinion of this tool is very positive. The students enjoy watching these videos and I like showing them as well. I have used them mostly with 7th and 8th graders. I have also taught an high school class (11th grade) where the students were actually asking if I could show them these videos. :-) These are a cute way to present a topic and they provide many extensions that you can use. My only comment is that sometimes parts of the video are too advanced. These videos are aimed at late elementary and middle school students. Some of the things they mention in the video are concepts that aren't taught until high school. There are times when showing the videos that I have to tell students not to worry about a certain part because we aren't going to be learning about it. I suppose it's good exposure though.

How I Use It

Depending on what other resources I have available for the unit, I sometimes use this as a way to introduce a topic and sometimes as a review a few days after we have learned it. If the video is very basic I usually use it as a way to introduce the topic to the class. Some of the videos can be more detailed and then I save the video to show later in the unit as a review. Either way I always like to do the quiz afterwards. When you do the quizzes as a whole class activity most students are paying attention unless they are being called on. My goal is to have a set of clickers in class (or have the students use their phones as clickers) so that they can all participate in the quiz and then we can go over the results at the end. Some teachers print out the quiz and give it to the students to work on. I have sometimes used the MyBrainPop feature. This gives students their own log ins so that they can watch the video and answer the quiz on their own and I can view the results. This is especially good when having students rotate through stations in the classroom.