A very powerful and user-friendly edtech tool for everyone!

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Overall is a highly recommended tool for students (especially young age- K-4). I really like to have access to Google images and Maps within Book Creator. I would love to have at least 2 free libraries for teachers to use with 2 different classes.

How I Use It

I used Book Creator to let my grade 2 class create a full series of books about endangered animals as part of their project-based learning unit.
- Students choose and research on one endangered animal that they would like to learn more about.
- Research suggestions/booklet is provided as a guide for students to refer to. This booklet includes sections such as habitat, predator or prey, food chain, interesting facts, and why is endangered?
Creative process:
- Students decide how to present their research by creating their own book style (A comic style is a great option).
- Students learn about the different features of Book Creator, starting from the page styles, font, background, and colors.
- Students focus on adding the content of their research in Book Creator
Feedback process:
- Students and teacher think, analyze and suggest how the book can be more interesting, inclusive, interactive, and unique.
- Teacher can introduce features such as adding a map location where this endangered animal is found, photos and drawings that describe a given endangered animal, and more.
Final product:
- Students revise their final work before presenting it to their class
- Students share their work by printing and reading it to a real audience/younger students.

What worked?
- Motivating students to write and research!
- The QR codes for each student to have access to their own work

What didn't work?
- the Autodraw tool sometimes didn't work as expected and many students were frustrated to be unable to draw their endangered animals.